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#ZeroHunger – August Social Media Toolkit


This August, the #ZeroHunger campaign on Crowd 360 will focus on the intersections of fighting famine and increasing resilience.

The world is facing the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. 20 million people across South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen are quickly reaching a state of famine and are in urgent need of food and humanitarian assistance. However, famine isn’t strictly related to food insecurity. Famine occurs when poverty and vulnerability go untended. Famine occurs when there is a lack of investment in resiliency at the household, community, national and global levels.

We need your help to add more voices and stories to the campaign. Please share the suggested social media posts in this document with your networks and consider sharing stories, videos, photos, reports, etc. related to food security, famine and resilience. You can submit stories directly on Crowd 360 here. Thank you for your support. For any questions please contact

Key Hashtags


  • #ZeroHunger


  • #FoodSecurity
  • #Nutrition
  • #4Famines
  • #Famine
  • #1000days
  • #IntegratedDev

Promotional Posts



  • What are the most urgent steps the global community must take to respond to the current hunger crisis? Watch to learn more about the unprecedented and underfunded response to the four famines.
  • Four major famines are taking place across Africa and the Middle East, which has renewed attention on the urgent need for an integrated approach to global food security and governance.
  • “Famine strikes countries and regions when poverty and vulnerability go untended because of government neglect, under-investment in development and, sometimes, willful obstruction.” Read more from Gayle Smith about the integrated impact of famine:
  • To address the interrelated aspects of famine – conflict, drought, food insecurity, disease – we must have holistic investments and action. #ZeroHunger


Social media shareable graphic

Social media shareable graphic

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  • @1000days
  • @abtassociates
  • @agrifoodaid
  • @agrilinks
  • @aliveandthrive
  • @bread4theworld
  • @crowd_360
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  • @ypard

Overview of Campaign

In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal #2 Zero Hunger, Crowd 360 and its partners will curate content from live events and global news to spotlight challenges and successes that end hunger and fight famine.
We need your help to engage and activate a digital community dedicated to #ZeroHunger through collaboration, innovation and sharing stories of success. The #ZeroHunger Campaign Hub is now live. The social media and digital activations will culminate at UN General Assembly in New York City in September 2017. Each month we will address a key theme:

  • July: Improving nutrition and global health
  • August: Fighting famine and increasing resilience
  • September: Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 #ZeroHunger

Add your voice to the conversation by sharing what you watch, read and write about hunger on the Hub and social media #ZeroHunger.