March 18, 2015

Youth Voices: Let’s talk about Adolescent Health

On March 17th, Girls’ Globe held a Google Hangout to engage youth and through leaders in a a discussion around adolescent health priorities as they relate to the post-2015 agenda and the Global Strategy 2.0.

This interactive hangout explored the current priorities of the Global Strategy for adolescent health and gave youth an opportunity to ask questions to a leader in the field. Youth shared their thoughts and ideas about the priorities they believe are essential for adolescent health in the post-2015 agenda.

Feedback from youth will be incorporated into a synthesis report of The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health ( led consultation on the Global Strategy after March 20th.

Laura Laski, UNFPA
Patrick Mwesigye, AfriYAN @patsewa
Cecilia Garcia, Espolea and PMNCH @Cecigarciaruiz
Moderator: Diane Fender, Girls’ Globe @Diane_Fender
Social Media: Elisabeth Epstein, Girls’ Globe @E_Epstein