October 28, 2015

Youth Vital to Policy Process and Harnessing the Demographic Dividend

Written by Stephanie Kimou, Policy Analyst, Population Reference Bureau

At the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), we know that data is vital in crafting a strong advocacy message. From accessible family planning services, to child marriage, and tackling noncommunicable diseases; PRB has been able to address important youth challenges by distilling data into easy-to-understand publications and digital materials. As we continue to serve as a bridge between the research and policy communities, we look forward to participating in this year’s International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) Youth Preconference from Nov. 8-9 in Nusa Dua. Here, PRB we will pair our expertise in policy communication with the voices of young people, ensuring that not only research results are understood and used, but that young people have the skills to advocate for issues that matter to them most.  For this year’s preconference, PRB has co-created two special training modules for young advocates. The first workshop, “Youth and the Demographic Dividend,” will facilitate understanding of the demographic dividend concept, highlighting the importance of young people and key investments in youth necessary to harness the dividend. The second workshop, “Using Data to Develop Policy Messages,” will train young people on how to use data to develop a compelling advocacy message.

On Oct. 28, from 11 a.m. – noon (EST), PRB will also be hosting a tweet chat with fellow members of the Youth Health and Rights Coalition and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls on the preconference youth activities. Use #youthICFP2015 to join.

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