September 12, 2016

World’s Education Sector Needing Help? Free K-12 Education For All, Global Development Goals Show Little Progress Due To Insufficient Funding

Written by Kristine Walker, Parent Herald

This post originally appeared on Parent Herald.

A year ago, world leaders set a deadline on universal education, which was aimed to be completed by 2030. This plan was part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that would allow all girls and boys to complete quality K-12 education for free, but the U.N. reported that progress has been slow.

Based on a United Nations report on Tuesday, the world was foreseen to miss the deadline to ensure all children will have access and receive quality primary and secondary education for free by more than five decades. According to Reuters, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said universal primary education will be achieved in 2042 while universal lower secondary education will be reached in 2059.

Moreover, UNESCO revealed that college education will be achieved in 2084. The United Nations’ educational organization also stressed that education funding and support need to increase six-fold to reach its goal of providing quality universal education by 2030.

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