July 21, 2014

Women, HIV, and NCDs: Monday 18:30 in Plenary Room 3

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Women, HIV/AIDS, and Non-Communicable Diseases: A Call to Action in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
MONDAY, JULY 21 | 18:30-20:30 in Plenary Room 3
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Co-sponsored by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), The American Cancer Society, and Medtronic.

Join us to examine and discuss addressing HIV co-morbidities in AIDS and non-AIDS related events; the role of health systems in integrating non-communicable disease (NCD) care into HIV care models; lessons that can be leveraged and applied beyond 2015; and how primary health care models can be adapted in this context of an emerging global burden of chronic NCDs while ensuring sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency in lower and middle-income countries.

Refreshments will be served.


  • Dr. Jonathan Quick, President and CEO of Management Sciences for Health (@MSHHealthImpact)


  • Bob Chapman, Director of US Government and Multilateral Global Health Advocacy, American Cancer Society (@AmericanCancer)
  • Representative from FHI360 (@fhi360)
  • Sandy Thurman, Principal Deputy Coordinator for PEPFAR (@PEPFAR)
  • L’Orangelis Thomas Negron, HIV/AIDS Activist, Latin America Keynote Speaker
  • Jordan Jarvis, Executive Director, Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (@NCDAction)
  • Katie Reichert, Associate Project Director of Country Programs, Building Local Capacity Project, MSH South Africa

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