September 7, 2017

Walgreens Donates Funds to Support the CDC Foundation’s Sustainable Healthcenter Implementation PrEP Pilot (SHIPP) Study

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

Following last year’s impactful collaboration between Walgreens and the CDC Foundation addressing the Zika outbreak, the two organizations are once again working together to help address another public health challenge—HIV prevention. To help extend the CDC Foundation’s important research and demonstration project, Walgreens made a donation today to help fund the CDC Foundation’s Sustainable Healthcenter Implementation PrEP Pilot (SHIPP) study. PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a medication protocol for people who do not have HIV to help proactively protect against HIV infection.

To help address the spread of HIV/AIDS, the SHIPP study aims to answer important health services implementation questions about the delivery, outcomes, cost and sustainability of PrEP when provided as a clinical prevention service in community settings. For the purpose of best practices which can be sustained, replicated and scaled across communities, PrEP is being administered by providers using procedures representative of real world use.

“We are very grateful to Walgreens for stepping forward during the early days of the Zika response, and more recently, for their contributions to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS through support of our SHIPP study,” said Judith Monroe, MD, president and CEO of the CDC Foundation. “Integrating PrEP as a prevention strategy has the capability to change the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but first we must better understand how to increase access, uptake and medication adherence.”

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