September 17, 2015

Videos: Mobilizing Advocates from Civil Society (MACS)

Written by Family Care International (FCI)

A growing group of civil society advocates—concerned citizens of all ages, community organizations, health professionals, religious leaders and activists—are calling for governments to safeguard women’s and children’s lives. Recently, in an unprecedented moment, governments and civil society advocates from all over the world came together at the United Nations to negotiate what the next 15 years of global development will look like—and civil society advocates demanded that governments make the health of women, newborns, children and adolescents a top priority.

But advocacy doesn’t end at commitments. Even when governments promise to invest in women’s and children’s health, we must make sure they follow through on their promises; we must be constantly vigilant and hold governments accountable. To do this, advocates must work together, amplifying a unified voice, and use evidence to show the truth about where women and children are living and dying, and how governments are addressing critical health needs.

Family Care International’s Mobilizing Advocates from Civil Society (MACS) project forms alliances of civil society organizations and equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to monitor governments’ commitments and their implementation, and to be powerful advocates for more progressive, effective, health policies and programs.

FCI is proud to announce the release of two short, animated videos that feature the MACS project and highlight the ways that civil society alliances can make change happen.

MACS: The Power of Civil Society

“The Power of Civil Society” highlights the critical role of civil society organizations and alliances in holding governments accountable for fulfilling their commitments to protect women’s and children’s lives, health, and wellbeing, especially among the poorest and most vulnerable. (You can also watch this in French!)

MACS: The People’s Budget

“The People’s Budget” makes the case for clear and transparent national budgets that reflect the people’s needs and priorities and that fulfill government commitments to protect the health and well-being of all women, newborns, and children. In Burkina Faso and in Kenya, FCI is working with civil society advocates and government partners to make sure that budgets are made publicly available and that women’s and children’s health is a top budgetary priority.

For more information about FCI’s MACS program, visit their website.