September 7, 2018

Updates on HIV and the U.S. Military: An Unusually Active Month

Over the course of the month, AIDS United has been highlighting the alarming impact that a new discriminatory Trump administration policy would have on the more than 1,200 dedicated individuals living with HIV who serve in the U.S. military. As it turns out, this is just one of a plethora of DoD actions relevant to people living with HIV, and we wanted to update folks on some of those developments.

First up is the new Trump administration policy, labeled by some as “Deploy, Or Get Out,” aimed at improving military readiness by requiring the military to discharge any service member who cannot be deployed for at least 12 months. Unfortunately, thanks to severely outdated military policy, people living with HIV are automatically disqualified from deployment. As a result, should the administration allow the policy to take effect on Oct. 1, it will mean the discharge of approximately 1,200 currently serving personnel living with HIV and will effectively bar any future enlistment of people living with HIV. You can take action on our website, and urge the administration to withdraw this policy here.

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