September 22, 2014

Time to Act: Achieving a world where no woman dies from unsafe abortion

Written by Marie Stopes International

Throughout history, in every country, women find themselves faced with a pregnancy they didn’t intend. The consequences can be dire. In the world today there are:

  • 222 million women who don’t want to get pregnant who aren’t able to do anything about it.
  • 21.6 million unsafe abortions each year
  • 8 million women who suffer disability or complications from unsafe abortions – 3 million of those don’t get the care they need
  • 47,000 women dying from unsafe abortion each year.

What’s shameful is that we know how to prevent these deaths. We know how to save thousands of lives every year, how to empower women to avoid unintended pregnancies in the first place. A new report from Marie Stopes International looks at how we can reach a future where no woman dies from unsafe abortion and challenges the world to do more to save women’s lives.

Read the report here