August 20, 2016

Through Her Eyes: Bath & Bed Time

Written by Catherine Murphy, JOHNSON’S®

What’s the oldest memory you can recall? For many, it may be something as simple as the sight and smell of bath time with mom, auntie, or another caregiver. Remembering the scent of a gentle lotion, the feel of loving hands, and the sound of a favorite bath- time song might take you back to the relaxing experience of your night-time ritual as a baby.

Here at the International Congress of Pediatrics (ICP), you can relive that moment and learn about the latest science in bath and bed-time rituals through an immersive, multisensory, virtual reality experience in the Exhibit Hall.

The special moments a caregiver spends with a baby during these times are not only emotionally meaningful, but also developmentally valuable. Within the first three years of life, babies experience rapid and essential brain development. Research suggests that in these developmentally critical years, parents should “use every opportunity to have skin on skin contact” to benefit sensory and mental development. Bath time affords a rare opportunity into an infant’s sleep-filled day to introduce new sensory experiences. The cleansing bath and moisturizing massage that you give an infant offers this stimulation that, along with eye contact and soothing talk, helps infants link various objects, places, people, and experiences they encounter throughout early child development.

What does that moment look like for baby, through her eyes? All you need to do is put on the glasses to take a step back in time to some of the most powerful moments in baby development. Share in the experience by visiting us at the JOHNSON’S® booth at IPC or by viewing the video online to relive the experience.

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