May 23, 2016

The return to Durban: A critical moment in history

Written by IAS

The world has made great strides since the International AIDS Conference was first held in Durban in 2000, when AIDS denialism was leading to limited access to life-saving antiretroviral drugs and donor spending on AIDS activities amounted only to a small fraction of current funding levels.

The landmark AIDS 2000 conference served as a catalyst for historic change, launching a global movement to bring life-saving treatment to the developing world, and paving the way for passage of the UN General Assembly’s Declaration on HIV/AIDS and the creation of The Global Fund and PEPFAR. It also solidified the role of civil society and advocacy organizations as important drivers of success. It was AIDS 2000 that forever changed the course of the AIDS epidemic and the global response.

​The importance of the 21st International AIDS Conference is clear and it is clear why Durban is the host city. Read this commentary from the conference organizers to be inspired to pay attention to AIDS 2016.