March 10, 2016

The pedagogical utility of Hausa oral tradition in early grades mother tongue reading instruction

Written by Mikailu Ibrahim Literacy Coordinator RANA UNICEF/FHI360

Nigerian people in a meeting FHI 360’s Reading and Numeracy Activity (RANA) in Nigeria is breaking new ground in material development by linking best practices in reading fluency and comprehension with a timeless educational practice in northern Nigeria: proverbs. Each week, RANA’s Hausa Workbook will open with a relevant Hausa proverb. The message of the proverb sets the stage for pupils’ fluency and comprehension passages.

In a 5-day workshop, content developers and participants from teacher training colleges of the project states of Katsina and Zamfara tried out this innovation. The first task was identifying proverbs that correlated with curriculum themes, including health, exercise, water, invention, folktale, history and biography. The fact that participants generated an average of 12 proverbs around each of the themes points to the volume of resources in this regard and the justification of harnessing them for our project.

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