September 18, 2016

Talking to Prostitutes: CALPEP’s HIV Program

This article originally appeared in MD Magazine.

Thousands of advocacy and social service groups offered workshops at the 20th Annual United States Conference on AIDS, but probably few have as much street credibility as the California Prostitutes Education Project (CALPEP), a 30-year-old service organization in Oakland, CA.

CALPEP has many governmental, individual, local, and corporate sponsors. Its services include mobile HIV testing, medical transportation, case management, and street outreach. It goals is the stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Black community.

In a session today at the Hollywood, FL meeting, executive director Gloria Lockett and colleagues offered other outreach counselors practical tips on how to help the teens and women who work as prostitutes.

These are not the high-priced escorts who work for elite services, but girls and women who turn to the sex trade because of poverty, drug use, mental illness, family dysfunction, or just youthful bad judgment.

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