September 12, 2015

Take and Share the Positively Trans Survey

This post originally appeared on Transgender Law Center.

Positively Trans (T+), developed and directed by Transgender Law Center Senior Strategist Cecilia Chung, is a constituent-led project grounded in the principle that we are all capable of forming our own network, telling our own stories, and developing our own advocacy strategies in response to inequities, stigma, and discrimination over punitive laws and lack of legal protections in our local communities.

With the support of Elton John AIDS Foundation, TLC launched T+ as a response to the structural inequalities that drive the high rate of HIV/AIDS and poor health outcomes. By partnering with a National Advisory Board of community leaders, T+ seeks to mobilize and promote resilience of trans people most impacted by or living with HIV/AIDS, particularly trans women of color, through research, policy advocacy, legal advocacy, and leadership strengthening.

With the National Advisory Board, T+ has designed a community-driven survey, available in English and Spanish, to examine the legal and policy landscape as experienced by transgender women and men living with HIV/AIDS in various states and regions. The findings will ultimately inform the prioritization of needs, strategic planning and advocacy efforts.

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