December 1, 2016

Supporting Responsible Innovation in the Federal Banking System: An OCC Perspective

This post originally appeared on OCC.

Innovation has been a hallmark of the national banking system since its founding in 1863 by President Lincoln. That innovative spirit has been especially evident in recent decades as national banks and federal savings associations have led the way in developing and adapting products, services, and technology to meet the changing needs of their customers.

While banks continue to innovate, rapid and dramatic advances in financial technology (fintech) are beginning to disrupt the way traditional banks do business. As the prudential regulator of the federal banking system, we want national banks and federal savings associations to thrive in this environment and to continue fulfilling their vital role of providing financial services to consumers, businesses, and their communities.

Our diverse system of banks has many advantages in developing and adapting financial innovations. Federally chartered institutions have stable funding sources, capital, and extensive customer relationships. They also have a long history of risk management Comptroller of the Currency that has led to enhanced information security capabilities, mature Thomas J. Curry credit modeling and underwriting processes, and compliance programs that help protect consumers. These capabilities lay a foundation for innovation in the 21st century, and are major reasons the federal banking system still serves as a source of strength for the nation after 153 years.

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