May 16, 2017

Study shows HIV patients could live longer

Written by Eden Checkol

This article originally appeared on Channel 3000.

A new study shows people with HIV could live longer thanks to improvements in treatments that have fewer side effects.

Experts said the study represents outcomes in Wisconsin, the only state in the country that has an HIV specialty home. The Aids Resource Center of Wisconsin (ACRW) provides health, medical, and dental care to people living with HIV regardless of their ability to pay for it.

Bill Keeton, the vice president of ACRW, said the facility not only links people to resources; it makes sure they continue to receive care.

“We know that for folks with HIV — if they start missing their medication disease progression sets in, they become more able to transmit HIV to somebody else physiologically, they start to develop disease in such a way that they’re more at risk to contract secondary and opportunistic infections that can make their health deteriorate rapidly,” Keeton said.

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