November 1, 2016

WHO stresses the importance of neonatal best practices for a healthy start to life

Written by World Health Organization

This post originally appeared on the World Health Organzation, Western Pacific Region’s website.

The neonatal period is one of the most crucial phases in the survival and development of a child. At the recently concluded session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, Member States widely acknowledged the importance of Early Essential Newborn Care (EENC) in reducing neonatal mortality in the Region, and highlighted significant progress made in countries towards scaling-up EENC. WHO was called upon to further support countries in improving the quality of newborn care.

A regional action plan to promote Early Essential Newborn Care

The first time a mother embraces her baby is a moment of immense happiness. However, not all babies get a healthy start in life. In fact, one newborn dies every two minutes in the Western Pacific Region due to inappropriate clinical practices at the time of birth and during the first few days of life.

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