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Economic stability is the foundation on which real people build their economic futures. In an age in which change is the norm, stability is a rising priority for the world’s poor and vulnerable people. FHI 360 and The Rockefeller Foundation are identifying and highlighting global innovations that improve the ability of individuals, communities, local governments and businesses to promote economic stability. LEARN MORE

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September 17, 2018

Sustainable Economic Growth and Decent Work for All

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This article originally appeared on The Rockefeller Foundation. Reposted with permission.

This piece is part of our 2018 United Nations General Assembly series.

Sustainable economic growth starts with stability, opportunity and dignity everyday.

The world is getting richer. In a span of 30 years, those living on less than $2 a day dropped from 35 percent of the world population to 10 percent. Yet, there remains a weight bearing down on those at the poorer end of the spectrum, creating a yawning gap between the haves and have-nots. Perhaps nowhere else is this chasm more profound than in Asia. Last year, the number of Asian billionaires surpassed the number of American ones; meanwhile, 700 million […]

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July 5, 2018

Democracy that Delivers #121: FHI 360’s Phil Psilos Presents The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability

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This post originally appeared on CIPE’s website here. Reposted with permission.

On the latest Democracy that Delivers podcast, FHI 360’s Phil Psilos talks about “The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability.” Psilos is the non-profit organization’s Asia-Pacific Technical Director for Economic Development and Innovation. Along with host Ken Jaques, and guest host Marc Schleifer, he highlights key entrepreneurial processes, new mobile technologies, and data-driven tools that are fostering stability in fragile and emerging economies. Psilos shares his favorite stories about dozens of innovation projects around the world and explains how his research on entrepreneurial inclusion has progressed over the years.

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June 14, 2018

VOA Interview: Global economy and Africa (video)

Economic stability is central to the global development agenda. However, maintaining stability in the global market has been an ongoing concern, especially in Africa.

In this interview on Voice of America’s Africa 54 show, FHI 360’s Phil Psilos, Asia-Pacific Technical Director for Economic Development and Innovation, talks about The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability. Psilos highlights a few innovations from the report that are helping economies in Africa become more inclusive, such as loans for small farmers and access to emergency services. Watch the video below.

Watch the full episode on Voice of America’s website here.

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May 31, 2018

To achieve economic stability, better innovation is needed

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This post originally appeared on Devex. Reposted with permission.

NAIROBI — Economic stability and the Sustainable Development Goals are inexorably linked, but discussion on how to pursue economic stability is often absent from the global development dialogue. The 2008 global financial meltdown, climate change, technological changes, as well as shifting labor and employment trends have left huge swaths of workers and small businesses without the protections and security they might have had previously.

Innovation in technology, finance, and policy, are critical in giving countries coping mechanisms to confronting the “volatile and erratic conditions, asymmetrical information, and a lack of protection” that can leave people economically vulnerable, according to “The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability.”

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