September 21, 2016

Solutions Panorama: Ideas that Deliver for Girls and Women

Written by Women Deliver

This post originally appeared on Women Deliver.
Creating and promoting solutions to improve the lives of girls and women has always been at the heart of Women Deliver. The organization took this commitment one step further in 2016 by shaping the entire Women Deliver 2016 Conference around sharing, discussing, and debating solutions to make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) matter most for girls and women. Women Deliver has captured one hundred of these ideas and packaged them in this Solutions Panorama — a resource for conference participants and the broader development community to reference in their own work.

Covering the programs and projects of diverse organizations and governments, the Solutions Panorama transforms the conference from a moment in time to an enduring source of inspiration. All of the solutions are arranged around twelve high-yielding investment areas which shaped the Women Deliver Conference and are central to Deliver for Good — a global campaign that applies a gender lens to the SDGs to fuel concrete action for girls and women.

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