September 10, 2015

Sign-on Letter: Urge Congress to Restore Cuts to Domestic HIV/AIDS Programs

This post originally appeared on The AIDS Institute.

The AIDS community is extremely concerned with some serious cuts Congress has proposed to several domestic HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment and related programs for Fiscal Year 2016.

In the Senate, the HHS Secretary’s Minority AIDS Initiative Fund and the Ryan White Program’s Special Projects of National Significance program have been completely eliminated. In addition, the Senate has proposed severe cuts to the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention and the SAMHSA Minority AIDS Initiative. Both the House and Senate have proposed to gut funding to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and Title X Family Planning.

These cuts completely disregard efforts underway to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. We are thankful Congress has proposed to maintain funding for many domestic HIV/AIDS programs, but if the proposed cuts described above are enacted, we will not be able move forward in achieving the goals and vision of the recently updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

The AIDS Budget and Appropriations Coalition, which advocates for increased resources for federal  domestic HIV/AIDS programs across the federal government, has drafted an organizational sign-on letter urging Congress to restore the cuts to these programs, and work with the President to establish a budget deal that raises spending levels high enough to adequately fund these vital programs.

The needs of the AIDS community cannot go unresolved, and it is important for Congress to hear how severe the impact will be if the proposed cuts are enacted.

Click here to read the full letter and sign-on your organization by clicking here. Deadline to sign the letter is Sunday, September 13, 2015.