May 8, 2018

Share your stories and experiences of how IDPs can contribute to their host economy!

Written by Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

Mohammed with his children (from the left): Ghadir (10), Iman (13), Ahmed (2, on his fathers arm) and Aisha (15).

Photo: NRC/Karl Schembri

Having to leave a home and a life behind because of conflict, violence, disasters or any other reason is one of the most challenging life events anyone can encounter. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) may lose their job and belongings in the process, and are often viewed as an economic burden for host communities. Yet under certain circumstances, IDPs can have a positive impact on the economy, contributing their skills and innovations, creating businesses and bringing new jobs to their host communities.

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) is looking to assess the impact of internal displacement on the economy, uncovering its hidden costs but also highlighting positive examples where IDPs’ exceptional resilience, effective policies and supportive communities have turned displacement into a development opportunity. For instance, in Colombia, a dedicated programme offered short-term employment, psychosocial support, training and small grants to IDPs and hosts, helping four out of five participants secure permanent positions in local businesses.

This call for contribution is the occasion for you to share your own experiences and real-life stories of specific cases when IDPs have had a positive impact on their host economy. Find out more here!