August 18, 2016

Science of Skin is More than Skin-Deep

Written by JOHNSON'S®

Gentle giggling. Her tiny fingers and toes. His soft breathing as he sleeps. When you think of a baby’s first weeks and months, these are the familiar sights and sounds that come to mind.

But what’s the feel, the touch that you think of? Your mind probably goes to the soft, cloud-like skin of a newborn. Yet, have you thought about the science behind keeping a baby’s skin so soft and healthy?

From structure to function, baby skin is unique, and requires particular care to ensure that its needs are met as baby develops. Adult skin and baby skin are fundamentally different and therefore have different needs. For instance, a baby’s skin has a less developed epidermal barrier than adults, which affects how it retains hydration and leaves infants’ skin more prone to damage1.

Research has shown that parents often underestimate the dryness of their baby’s skin, believing the skin to be more hydrated than it truly is. Dry skin can occur in any stage of development, and as baby grows, supple and well-developed skin is an incredibly important factor in baby’s health and happiness. A ritual of bathing combined with moisturizing has shown to create a significant improvement in skin health.

Baby’s skin is his or her first line of defense against organisms, allergens and toxins. And pediatricians are on the front lines of baby’s wellbeing, collaborating with parents and caregivers to share best practices for baby’s skin development. Pediatricians are uniquely able to support caregivers in helping to ensure that skin health is prioritized in baby’s first months to bring years of health.

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