June 10, 2016

Sayfty Cartoon Campaign

Written by Dr. Shruti Kapoor, Sayfty

This post originally appeared on Sayfty. Reposted with permission.

At Sayfty, our mission has been to help women protect themselves against violence and abuse by equipping them with personal safety products, information and awareness. We have been working on different modes of communication to get the message through to women across the board, be it through blogs, social media message or self-defense campaigns. Over the past year, we have been experimenting with our Cartoon Campaign.

Cartoons are one of the most effective means of communication, as we are hard-wired to accept their messages quicker. They can convey a message much faster than any written notice, presentation or verbal dialogue and without the need for a lengthy explanation. Cartoons also have our childhood associations with humor, happiness and fun. So when we have a difficult or sensitive message to convey it is often best to use cartoon humor as a way of diffusing the tension of the underlying message. A single image with a few words can make a profound point and make one smile at the same time.

Though our cartoons we intend to grasp the attention of a wider audience and start a conversation by engaging the community online in a healthy discussion around sensitive issues like Violence Against Women (VAW), misogyny, eve teasing, gender bias and many more which most women face daily.

Check out the cartoons >>