October 19, 2015

Saving Mothers, Giving Life: 2015 Mid-Initiative Report

Saving Mothers, Giving Life’s SMGL-mid-initiative-report showcases sharp declines in maternal mortality in target districts.

Since 2012, the maternal mortality ratio has declined by 45% in target facilities in Uganda and 53% in target facilities in Zambia. The mid-initiative report highlights the activities that have helped contribute to these gains, including:

  • Nearly doubling the number of women delivering in health facilities in Zambia, and increasing rates of Caesarean sections in target districts by 32%;
  • Enhancing women’s access to Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care by 30% in Ugandan districts;
  • Strengthening transportation and communications networks among communities and facilities, in addition to strengthening the supply chain for life-saving medicines and commodities; and
  • Expanding testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS for women and their newborns by in both Uganda and Zambia

The results in Uganda and Zambia have confirmed that we can save more women in low-resource settings with a comprehensive public-private model. Saving Mothers, Giving Life is now building on its success in both countries, and expanding the program to Cross River State in Nigeria.

To learn more, SMGL-mid-initiative-report.