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#SafeSurgery Twitter Chat — Partner Guide

May 16th, 11:00am ET

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As many as five billion people, or two-thirds of the world’s population, lack access to basic surgical services worldwide. Of these five billion people, most of them are women and children in low-income countries who suffer due to a lack of trained health care providers, expensive healthcare costs, and a lack of surgical services as part of national health plans.

In preparation for the 70th World Health Assembly, the G4 Alliance, Seed Global Health, Jhpiego, Johnson & Johnson and Crowd 360 are coming together to elevate the conversations, needs and potential collaborative solutions to support #SafeSurgery. Join us on Twitter on Tuesday, May 16 at 11:00am ET to share ways you’re working to advance access to safe surgery around the world!

Key Handles:

@crowd_360 – Moderator

Key Hashtags:

Primary: #safesurgery
Secondary: #ICommit2surgery, #GlobalSurgery, #WHA70

Draft Questions:

Q1: Who are those most at risk for not having access to life-saving #safesurgery?

Q2: What are the greatest surgical needs of those without access to #safesurgery?

Q3: What are some of the solutions to bridge the gap for the 5 billion people who need #safesurgery?

Q4: Please share a personal story about how life-saving #safesurgery affected you, your family or your organization.
Q5: How can we best mobilize public and private stakeholders, including governments, to support #safesurgery?

Q6: What success stories demonstrate effective partnership for #safesurgery?

Q7: What are the next actionable steps to elevate the need for #safesurgery at the #WHA70?

Promotional Posts:

  • Join the #SafeSurgery Twitter chat with @theG4Alliance, @Seed_Global, @Jhpiego, @JNJGlobalHealth, and @crowd_360 on 5/16 at 11am!
  • Save the date: We’re talking #SafeSurgery with @theG4Alliance, @Seed_Global, @Jhpiego, @JNJGlobalHealth, and @crowd_360 on 5/16 at 11am!
  • Five billion people lack access to basic surgical services worldwide. Join the #SafeSurgery Twitter chat 5/16 at 11am to learn more!
  • At least half of harmful surgeries are preventable. On 5/16 at 11amET, join us for a Twitter chat to share how we can support #SafeSurgery!
  • A systems-wide approach to safer surgical care could save millions of lives. Join the #SafeSurgery Twitter chat 5/16 at 11am to learn more.
  • In advance of #WHA70, join the #SafeSurgery Twitter chat 5/16 at 11amET to help build momentum for global surgery.

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