September 7, 2017

Promote Your Event on Facebook to Increase Attendance, Buzz, and Visibility

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Are you using Facebook to spread the word about your special events? Whether it’s a National HIV Testing Day event, a World AIDS Day vigil, or your annual fundraiser, Facebook can be an effective way to increase exposure, engagement, and registrations for your event.“We create a Facebook page for each event and share it with our friends and boost each event as needed. Facebook is a great way to keep potential guests in the know about all event details and to thank our sponsors and supporters. Importantly, it is a great way to spread awareness about our mission and goals while we share information about our events” – says Wendy Shea Gravele, Director of Development, AIDS Connecticu . If you want people to officially register for your event, consider creating an event sales/registration page outside of Facebook. Include details of the event and how to purchase tickets (if necessary). Next, it’s time to generate buzz and visibility. Start by creating an event page, or a page for a recurring event such as an annual grantee meeting, on your Facebook page.

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