June 14, 2016

Workbook for Young Men on Violence and Masculinities

This post originally appeared on MenEngage Alliance’s website. Reposted with permission.


Click here for a PDF of the workbook: Breakthrough_SANAM Masculinities Workbook

This workbook has been designed so that young men like you are able to relate to the issue of violence and reflect on this widespread problem. This resource is part of a series of toolkits and educational material developed by Breakthrough on social issues of human rights, gender, sexuality and violence against women, through which we try to build leadership among young people. Breakthrough’s Rights Advocates Programme in India is an intensive leadership development and capacity-building initiative to mobilize youth and communities to challenge unequal power structures, change cultural norms and bring sustainable social change within all avenues of social interaction, including within the home. Your ability to act as a catalyst in your own context leads to more effective community mobilization for promoting human rights.

The workbook is aimed toward working on self before we begin addressing the issue of violence. In it, we try to generate critical self-reflection on the processes which are deeply embedded in our daily routine and are reinforced by the religious and legal institutions in our surroundings.

The sessions have been designed such that the focus on the self then leads to changing what is wrong around us. We expect that the sessions will help bring realisation on the ways boys and men enjoy social power, multiple forms of privilege and a sense of often-unconscious entitlement by virtue of their sex. The sessions also try to bring about the realisation of the reasons why boys and men engage in behaviours that have bad consequences for themselves and those around them.