May 26, 2017

A Philadelphia research team has put us ‘on the brink’ of finding a cure for AIDS

Written by Tom Head

This post originally appeared on The South African.

In the last decade, treatment for HIV patients has reached a highly advanced level, with life expectancy amongst its survivors reaching ‘near normal’ levels. However, a cure has never been successfully achieved.

That could all be about to change…

The sensational development has come after the researchers, from Philadelphia’s Temple University and the University of Pittsburgh were able to use a technique to eliminate HIV DNA from the genetic code of a mouse, effectively curing the animal of HIV.

The science of gene editing is pretty mind-blowing, and feels like we’ve stumbled across the plot of a 90s sci-fi blockbuster: The researchers have been able to remove and replace elements of genes that make the subject vulnerable to that disease. This ‘editing’ process can be used to expel any genes that are causing the disease.

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