September 9, 2017

Patients With HIV, AIDS, Are Served at New Dental Clinic

This article originally appeared on US News and World Report.

Diagnosed with HIV more than a quarter of a century ago, a man reclines comfortably at MAO Dental Clinic while getting his teeth cleaned.

Hands folded and head tilted back, the 49-year-old patient has never felt more at ease than he does at the McGehee Road clinic. Opened for those with HIV and AIDS, it is an expansion of services offered through Medical Advocacy and Outreach (formerly Medical AIDS Outreach).

“This is a wonderful Godsend,” said the man, who the Montgomery Advertiser agreed to not identify. “This is definitely an accepting place. It’s a place I feel comfortable. I’ve been an MAO patient for over 25 years, and people might ask why I don’t just go to a regular physician and have things done discreetly.

“There’s no better place to go than MAO. You have doctors that just specialize in this.”

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