July 14, 2017

Opinion: It’s time to integrate nutrition and family planning services. Here’s why.

Written by Luz María De-Regil

This article originally appeared on Devex.

This week I head to London to participate in the 2017 Family Planning Summit. This event brings together global leaders in family planning, health and donors — and a few unlikely suspects, like me.

At first glance, the links between nutrition and family planning might not be obvious. When I worked at the National Institute for Perinatology in Mexico, they quickly became apparent. I saw first hand the devastating impact of poor nutrition and a lack of family planning on health outcomes for adolescent girls in particular. As a result, I became convinced more than ever of the need not only to advance nutrition for women and girls, but of the interdependence of sexual and reproductive health and nutrition.

Here are three reasons why integrating nutrition in family planning is a game changer.

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