July 10, 2017

Opinion: High returns await those investing in population health

Written by Arnaud Bernaert, Vanessa Candeias

This article originally appeared on Devex.

If we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, governments and businesses will need to develop long-term strategies that take the goals seriously as time-bound, quantitative objectives that will yield positive socio-economic returns.

On the basis of available needs assessments, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network estimated that low- and lower-middle-income countries may need to increase public and private expenditure by an accumulated $1-1.5 trillion in the next 15 years with health and health care.

These estimates underscore the need to look for new business and financing models in order to deliver on the ambition of the SDGs, particularly when it comes to ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages — or SDG 3.

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