April 14, 2017

Norway Crown Prince Wants Girl Education, Women Safety Prioritized

Written by Edwin G. Genoway

This article originally appeared on Front Page Africa.

Monrovia – The visiting Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway who is also United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Good Will Ambassador has underscored the need for girls’ education and women’s safety to be prioritized, if the Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved.

Crown Prince Magnus said it was important for women to be involved in order meet the SDGs.

Speaking to women at Fish Market in Monrovia, he acknowledged Liberian women’s resilience which returned peace to Liberia.

“I understand there have been tough times; risks you have taken and the resilience and endurance to bring peace; something that is good,” Prince Magnus stated.

The SDGs, he told the women, has 17 goals and one of such is to have endured peace.

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