May 8, 2018

New Indicator Library & Analysis Guide mark milestone in informing durable solutions for IDPs

Written by United Nations Special Rapporteur

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Displacement is a life-changing and often-traumatic experience. While it cannot be undone, internally displaced persons (IDPs) need to be able to resume a normal life by achieving a durable solution. However, as we celebrate 20 years of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, which explicitly articulate the right of IDPs to durable solutions (principles 28-30), this remains a significant challenge.

For one, finding durable solutions is a complex process that requires evidence-based and joint action involving multiple stakeholders, including national and local authorities, as well as humanitarian, development and peace-building actors. The Durable Solutions Indicator Library and Analysis Guide mark an important step in this direction.

Launched on April 16th, these two products are the result of a joint initiative over the past three years led by the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons and coordinated by the Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS). State representatives and other partners, including IDPs themselves, were also involved in piloting the indicators in Colombia, Georgia, Iraq, Kosovo, Myanmar, Ukraine, Sudan and Somalia.

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Operationalising the Framework on Durable Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons endorsed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee in 2010, the Indicator Library offers a set of agreed-upon indicators to measure durable solutions outcomes. The Analysis Guide, on the other hand, accompanies a user of the Library in organising a collaborative durable solutions analysis process. Together, they provide a means for joint analysis to pursue evidence-based action to support displaced individuals, families and communities in achieving durable solutions.

The Library and Guide come in timely as stakeholders rally around a multi-stakeholder “GP20” Plan of Action for advancing Prevention, Protection and Solutions for IDPs. These are extremely practical and useful tools to help tackle some key issues that have been jointly prioritized by partners through the Plan of Action, namely:

  • participation of IDPs in decision-making processes that affect them,
  • achieving quality data and analysis on internal displacement, and
  • addressing protracted displacement and facilitate durable solutions.

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The indicators have also been aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, allowing national authorities for monitoring their commitment to leave no one behind, including IDPs.

The Indicator Library and Analysis Guide can be found at: