September 9, 2017

Mpowerment for African American & Latino MSM

This article originally appeared on Mpowerment.

We’ve been busy conducting research on how the Mpowerment Project is being used for African American young gay/bisexual men as well as for young Latino gay/bisexual men. While the materials presented here are “in progress,” we’d still like to share them.

Below you’ll find links to several documents. The document called “adaptation process document” discusses how the Mpowerment Project has been adapted to meet the HIV prevention needs and sociocultural context of young Black MSM’s lives. The document called “Black M-group Manual” is an adaptation of the M-group guide for Black MSM. The “Black M-group Meeting Guide” is the pared down version of the M-group manual designed for use during an actual M-group.

Also included below is a detailed description of the Mpowerment Project’s Guiding Principles. Understanding the Guiding Principles is an important aspect of any successful adaptation of the Mpowerment Project.

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