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#MDG456Live 2014 Engagement Kit

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  1. About #MDG456Live
  2. About UNGA week
  3. The Hashtags
  4. Sample messages for Twitter
  5. Sample messages for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  6. Share graphics

About #MDG456Live

During UN General Assembly (UNGA) Week, FHI 360, Girls Globe, Johnson & Johnson and Women Deliver will create a social media hub and daily newsletters that curate conversations about MDGs 4, 5 and 6. The hub and newsletter will feature the most interesting, current and relevant social media content by using the hashtag #MDG456Live, as well as other relevant hashtags such as #MDGMomentum and #Post2015.

This campaign is designed to:

  • Collect conversations taking place during UNGA Week on issues related to MDG 4, 5 and 6, with a special emphasis on the impact on girls, women and children.
  • Share UNGA week messages and activities with global health and development stakeholders worldwide.
  • Create an archive of the MDGs 4, 5 and 6 activities during UNGA week.
  • Provide a platform for participating organizations to share important news and content.

#MDG456Live will consist of two major components:

  • The Hub (You’re already here!) – This will be the central home for all content being shared by partners and reporters, and will serve as the clearinghouse for curated coverage during the week.
  • The Daily Delivery – A daily recap email will be sent out each day starting with an introductory Daily Deliver on Thursday September 18, then daily from Monday, 22 September through Friday, 26 September. These Daily Deliveries will cover the past day’s social media conversations, news, and events from the EWEC Community, and will include the best content posted on The Hub.

About UNGA Week

The theme of this year’s high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly is ‘Delivering on and Implementing a Transformative Post-2015 Development Agenda.’ As much of the planning for the sustainable development goals will draw on lessons learned from the MDGs, UNGA week is an opportunity to highlight MDGs 4, 5, and 6 and call for continued momentum. In addition to UNGA-related events, our engagement will also include highlights from the Social Good Summit, the Clinton Global Initiative, and UN side events, as relevant.

The Hashtags

The initiative will draw content from three main hashtags in order to cover the best of the conversations and events taking place during the week.

  • #MDG456Live
  • #MDGMomentum
  • #post2015

The following partner hashtags will be featured in our Daily Deliveries.

  • #2030Now – Social Good Summit
  • #Commit2Deliver – Every Woman Every Child
  • #CGI2014 – Clinton Global Initiative
  • #HealthWorkersCount – Front Line Health Workers Coalition
  • #YouthVoices – Promoting youth participation, with focus on adolescent girls
  • #InvestInGirls – Promoting youth participation, with focus on adolescent girls
  • #EveryNewborn – Every Newborn Action Plan
  • #MidwivesMatter – Recognition for crucial role of midwives in MDGs 4, 5, and 6
  • #ShowYourSelfie – Global Poverty Project + UNFPA project: Youth and post-2015

Sample Messaging for Twitter

These messages can be used on Twitter to highlight messages focused on MDGs 4, 5 and 6 during UNGA Week. Some #MDG456Live themes to keep in mind are: continuing to reduce infant mortality, maternal mortality, and HIV in the post-2015 agenda; raising awareness of MDG progress; and, rallying to continue momentum in the last 500 days of the MDGs. Please adapt the following messages as needed.

General #MDG456Live Promotion:

  • Can’t make it to NYC for UN week? Follow #MDG456Live for updates about women & children, MDGs & #post2015:
  • Interested in maternal, newborn and child health? Be sure to sign up for daily deliveries here: #MDG456Live
  • The #MDG456Live daily delivery will be your source of info abt women, children & #post2015 during #UNGA. Sign up here
  • Follow @FHI360, @JNJGlobalHealth, @GirlsGlobe, @WomenDeliver & @UNf_EWEC for updates from UN week in NYC. #MDG456Live
  • Follow important conversations on girls’ and women’s health and rights at #UNGA by visiting #MDG456Live Hub:
  • Are you live-Tweeting, -blogging, or -Instagramming from #UNGA? Use #MDG456Live to join the convo about women & girls


  • #MDGs save lives! From 1990-2012, annual child deaths dropped to 6.6M from 12.6M. Let’s keep up the #MDGMomentum. #MDG456Live
  • Each year, 1 million babies die on the day they are born. Newborn care must be part of the #post2015 agenda! #MDG456Live
  • Most under-5 child deaths could be prevented with #education, immunization and clean water. #MDG456Live
  • Quality care at birth could save almost 3 million newborns every year. #MDG456Live
  • 80% of children receive basic vaccines, but 1.5M children still die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. Unacceptable. #MDG456Live
  • Strong health systems help children live longer, stay in school and give back to their communities. Let’s achieve #MDG4! #MDG456Live


  • Maternal deaths have dropped by 45% since 1990. Good news, but we have a long way to go to achieve #MDG5. #MDG456Live
  • We need to save 158,000 mothers to achieve #MDG5. They need better care, targeted interventions & access to #contraception. #MDG456Live
  • Only 50% of women in developing countries get recommended health care during pregnancy. We must #commit2deliver quality care to save lives. #MDG456Live
  • Investing in women and health services could prevent almost 90% of all pregnancy and childbirth-related deaths. #MDG456Live
  • Investing in girls and women improves health, benefits families & strengthens economies . #MDGMomentum #MDG456Live


  • 35M people globally are living with #HIV but 19M do not know their status. They need better health services. #MDG456Live #Commit2Deliver
  • Women account for nearly 60% of people living with #HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. #MDG456Live
  • Malaria interventions saved 3.3M lives, including 3M children from 2001-2012. Keep up the #MDGMomentum! #MDG456Live
  • In the next hour, 50 young women will become infected with #HIV. Prevent new infections and achieve #MDG6! #MDG456Live
  • 12.9M people received lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment in 2013 but just 24% of HIV+ children got the medicine they need. #MDG456Live
  • A child dies from malaria every minute in sub-Saharan Africa, even though the disease is entirely preventable and treatable. #MDG456Live
  • Good news! New #HIV infections have dropped by 38% since 2001; new infections among children dropped by 58%. #MDGMomentum #MDG456Live

SDGs / Post-2015 Agenda:

  • While we celebrate the success of the MDGs, we need to ensure maternal & child health are at the heart of the #post2015 agenda #MDG456Live
  • Investing in the health of women and children accelerates progress toward ALL development goals. #post2015 #MDG456Live #Commit2Deliver
  • #Familyplanning lets women create healthy futures for themselves & their children. Prioritize #reprohealth in #post2015 #MDG456Live
  • We have less than 500 days to achieve the MDGs–what are you doing to maintain #MDGMomentum? #MDG456Live
  • Women aged 15-24 are at 2X higher risk of #HIV infection than men their age. They need to be a focus of the #post2015 agenda. #MDG456Live
  • RT if you think girls and women should be at the heart of the #post2015 agenda. #MDG456Live

Sample Messaging for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

These messages can be used on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to highlight activities and conversations on MDGs 4, 5 and 6 during UNGA Week. Please adapt as needed, and accompany with the graphics included below.

  • Follow important conversations on girls’ and women’s health and rights at #UNGA this week by visiting #MDG456Live Hub.
  • Do you know what global leaders are doing for girls and women during #UNGA this week? Find out by signing up for our #MDG456Live Daily Deliveries:
  • Interested in what’s happening at #UNGA? Sign up here to get daily email updates on the key conversations and decisions on #MDG456Live all week:
  • Are you live-Tweeting, -blogging, or -Instagramming from #UNGA? Be sure to use #MDG456Live to join the conversation about progress for women and girls.
  • Leaders and change-makers from around the world are gathering for the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly this week to discuss the post-2015 development agenda. Follow the conversation here:
  • Have something to say during UNGA week? Tag #MDG456Live and submit your content here:

Share graphics

Use these images to help spread the word about #MDG456Live on social media.

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