April 21, 2017

How Malaysia can achieve sustainable development

Written by Wong Li Za

This article originally appeared on Star 2.

How vulnerable is Malaysia to droughts and water shortages? How will climate change affect us? How far have we moved towards a green economy?

For an academic overview of these and other questions, independent scholar Dr Hezri Adnan, has written a book looking at this country’s eco journey.

What started out as a paper on environmental policy in Malaysia for a United Nations journal eventually turned into The Sustainability Shift, a 192-page book on sustainable development. Although the book took a few years to complete before it saw print, the author has no regrets whatsoever.

It aims to show how, through the reformation of “institutional hardware, software and ‘heartware’, Malaysia can nurture an inclusive, sustainable society and also benefit economically by greening its growth”.

So, how did the idea for the book come about?

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