June 23, 2017

Facebook Live: Enlightening Lightning Talks on Key Trends



10:00-10:30am: Enlightening Lightning Talks on Key Trends

  • Data-Driven Farming For Everyone: Daniel Jiménez, CIAT
    Small-scale farmers are being left behind in the precision agriculture revolution sweeping advanced economies. How can we help poor farmers in developing countries adopt the newest data-driven farming technologies and reduce info-inequality?
  • Assessing Climate Smart Agriculture at the Farm Level: Carmen Tedesco, DAI
    How can we build farm system resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? A new assessment tool tested with farmers in the Eastern Caribbean, Kenya, and Vermont shows promise in different contexts to help communities apply CSA at the farm level.
  • Imagery, Spectral Science, and Sustainable UAV Business Models: Solomon Elorm Allavi, Syecomp Ghana
    Private companies in Ghana are investing in drones with multi-spectral agrosensors to provide info-services for farmers. Yet the business model for drone imagery in agriculture is unproven. Who is innovating? What are they learning? And are there sustainable business models?
  • How Data Is Transforming Food Security Assessments:  Kate Wilson, DIAL
    New insights into mobile phone usage is transforming our understanding of food security. From a linkage between mobile top-up rates and calorie consumption, to satellite remote sensing and crop yield, we can now understand food security issues better and predict food crisis faster.
  • The Importance of Infomediaries: Mridul Chowdhury, mPower Social Enterprises
    Traditional agro recommendation services are often not specific enough for farmers to make field-level recommendations, yet technology-based solutions can be daunting for digitally illiterate farmers. Local infomediaries leveraging precision technologies offer a potential solution with real results.
  • It’s the Market, Stupid: Eric Couper, GreenPath Food
    A how-to guide for donors and implementing agencies on how to work better with private sector buyers, traders, and exporters to increase market linkages, from a former aid implementer turned organic agribusiness owner in Ethiopia.