September 16, 2016

Last Men Standing

This article originally appeared on A&U.

Meet Harry Breaux as he dons fishnet stockings and a corset, preparing to march in the 2015 San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his first trek down Market Street. Listen to Kevin Vandenbergh and Ganymede contemplating how they will survive in San Francisco once their private disability insurance runs out on their sixty-fifth birthdays. Walk along the dunes at Ocean Beach with singer-songwriter-artist Jesus Guillen as he fights ever-present neuropathy; applaud Mick Robinson as he discusses overcoming years of substance abuse; celebrate the wedding between David Spiher and Ralph Thurlow, whose HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder is slowly taking him away from David.

Finally, wave farewell to travel business owner Peter Greene as he packs up his truck to move to Palm Springs from his beloved San Francisco, evicted from his home of thirty years. It will be his last move.

These are the courageous, eloquent long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS profiled in Last Men Standing, the powerful new sixty-six-minute documentary by filmmakers Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin at the San Francisco Chronicle. The film premiered on Friday, April 8, 2016, to a sold-out crowd at the legendary Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

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