August 10, 2018

Large AIDS conference coming to Orlando in September

Written by Naseem S. Miller

This article originally appeared on the Orlando Sentinel.

The United States Conference on AIDS, one of the largest domestic HIV and AIDS conferences, will hold its annual meeting in Orlando in September.

More than 3,000 advocates, educators and leaders are expected to gather at the conference.

“It’s a big deal,” said Nicole Elinoff, co-chair of the host committee in Orlando. “It’s an empowering conference that covers innovation and the care continuum.”

One of the major topics of the conference this year is trauma-informed care.

“Often times when people experience trauma, they may engage in higher risk activities. They may be seeking comfort that can lead to condomless sex, drug abuse, and not adhering to medication,” said Elinoff. “So everyone needs to be aware of this in the care continuum.”

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