March 9, 2016

Join the online consultation for the 2017 GEM Report

Written by GEM Report, UNESCO

Young girl sitting on a school desk

The second in the GEM Report series will investigate, analyse and propose concrete recommendations related to accountability in education. A full concept note describing how the GEM will go about addressing the issue is now available. We invite all to share their views on this note, including suggestions on relevant literature, data analysis and case studies via an online consultation now open until 11 April.

The Report will approach the issue of accountability in education by addressing the following key questions:

  • What are the foundations and the evolution of the concept of accountability in education, and what is at stake?
  • What are the main forms of accountability? How have these forms shifted over time?What is the rationale behind this shift?
  • What are the implications for accountability in education in a more globalized world?
  • What are the implications of accountability systems for different actors, levels, and sectors in education? How do these vary in different countries?
  • What are the implications of accountability frameworks for the public perception of education in a country? How do these vary by different forms of accountability?
  • Which accountability frameworks are more or less effective, and how are they used or abused in different circumstances?
  • What are political, economic and social factors that make different forms of accountability work or fail?
  • What broad lessons can be learned from the ways and forms through which education has been monitored and audited?

Share your views. Visit the consultation website.