September 14, 2016

Join my fight to make sure refugee girls have a first day of school again.

Written by Malala Yousafzai

This post originally appeared on The Malala Fund.

Today I begin my final year of secondary school.

Seven years ago, the Taliban took over my beautiful Swat Valley and forced my father to close his school. My family and many others fled our homes and lived as refugees in other parts of Pakistan.

I was 11 years old and didn’t know if I would ever step into a classroom again.

Today millions of refugee girls want return to school like I did. And they wonder what happened to the promise that world leaders made a year ago — 12 years of education for every girl.

Refugee girls have already lost homes, friends and family members. Each year of school they miss, their hopes for a brighter future fade. But right now we can send a message of hope to these girls — and urge our leaders to honour their word.

I ask you to join me and share your own photo of you and your friends — as many as you can fit in the frame! Use the hashtag #YesAllGirls to show that we are standing together for millions of refugee girls around the world.

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