September 8, 2017

Intersection of Domestic Violence & HIV/AIDS

This article originally appeared on NNEDV.

NNEDV’s Positively Safe project, in partnership with the MAC AIDS Fund and the National Advisory Committee, proposes to systematically address the unique challenges and barriers facing victims of domestic violence living with HIV by:

  • Partnering and collaborating with national, state and local HIV/AIDS and domestic violence organizations to explore the intersection of domestic violence and HIV/AIDS;
  • Providing technical assistance & training opportunities to both domestic violence and HIV/AIDS service providers to share best practices, lessons learned, and model programs that address HIV/AIDS and domestic violence; and
  • Developing and disseminating critical resources to both fields on the co-occurrence of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence, including strategies to best address challenges and barriers when both are present in the lives of women.

Since its inception, NNEDV has trained 27 of the 56 state and territories on the intersection at two national training-of-trainers. NNEDV and the Advisory Committee have also had the privilege of presenting our work at a number of international, national, and state conferences.

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