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#IntegratedDev Digital Engagement Toolkit

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#IntegratedDev Digital Engagement Toolkit
June 13, 2016 | FHI 360 Conference Center


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Please join FHI 360 for our first summit on integration, where global development practitioners, policy makers and change-makers will address how we can collectively harness the power of multisector, integrated approaches in the Global Goals era.

Through interactive discussions, storytelling and working groups, participants will explore the challenges and opportunities and failures and successes of integration. Our conversations will take place around the themes of design, delivery evaluation and funding. Based on summit discussions, we will develop a set of recommendations to help the global development community begin thinking and working in a more integrated, multisector fashion.


  • For the digital conversation, use #IntegratedDev
  • For questions/comments to the speakers, use #AskID


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  • What evidence supports integrated development in practice? Well, context is king: #IntegratedDev


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  • RSVP now for our Greater than the Sum of its Parts – The Power of Integration summit on June 13 in Washington, DC: #IntegratedDev
  • How do we approach global challenges more holistically as we aim to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals? Join us on June 13 in Washington, DC to explore solutions:
  • Over the past two years, FHI 360 has focused on what integrated development means and why it is an essential part of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Now it’s time to pivot to the how.
    Join us on June 13 for a summit on #IntegratedDev, which will center on how the global development community can harness the power of multisector approaches in the #GlobalGoals era. It will be an interactive day of deep-dive discussions around design, delivery, evaluation and funding; storytelling from the field; and engaging break-out group challenges. Register today or join us via livestream!
  • Integrated development has the potential to help us meet all 17 SDGs, but we need more integrators to get us there. Are you one of them? #IntegratedDev
  • We’ve found that there is enough evidence to demonstrate that integrated development approaches work. Here’s what needs to happen to advance evidence-based #IntegratedDev during the Sustainable Development Goals era. #IntegratedDev
  • Using evidence-based guidance to develop intentionally integrated projects can help people like Tamimah successfully navigate obstacles to a better life. #IntegratedDev


Key Handles




Integration + Evidence: Where’s the proof?

  • Jason Bremner, data management and performance director, FP2020, UN Foundation, @JasonBremner @FP2020Global
  • Tricia Petruney, FHI 360 technical advisor to integrated development, @TriciaPetruney
  • Melissa Victor, financial sector analyst, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), @CGAP

Key questions related to evidence discussion:

  1. What does the evidence say about the impact and cost-effectiveness of integrated, multisector development efforts?
  2. What is missing from the evidence – what do we still not know that’s important to learn?
  3. How can we use the available evidence on integrated development to improve our work and achieve the SDGs?

Design + Delivery: Successes, Failures and A-ha Moments

  • Aerie Changala, chief program officer, Nuru International, @AChangala @IAmNuru
  • Cara Endyke Doran, associate director of programs, FHI 360-Mozambique, @Cendyke
  • Janet Edmond, senior director, peace + development partnerships, Conservation International @ConservationOrg

Key questions related to design + delivery discussion:

  1. What are specific challenges to designing integrated, multisector interventions?
  2. What are key challenges to implementing complex, integrated programs?
  3. What should donors do to better support integrated, multisector solutions to global development challenges?

Integrated Development Storytellers:

  • Casey Wheeler de Vides, project manager, Democracy and Governance Office, USAID-Guatemala @caseydevides @USAIDDRG
  • Amos Mataruse, senior program officer, FHI 360-Mozambique @amos_mataruse
  • Robert Mwadime, chief of party, Uganda Community Connector program, FHI 360 (no handle)
  • Curtis Palmer, senior field director, PACT-Nepal @PactWorld


Contact Info

Please contact us at with any questions. Thanks for supporting #IntegratedDev!