August 11, 2017

Infrastructural Development Is Inhibiting Agricultural Development For Smallholder Farmers

Written by Lunga Njara

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.

Infrastructural development as a challenge for smallholder farmers is not only limited to on-farm infrastructure. Off-farm infrastructure such as roads serve as one barrier facing smallholder farmers in terms of distribution and market access. I have lost count of the number of agricultural policies we have adopted as a country. It looks like every political figure is engraved to living to leave a legacy of having developed a policy that will bear his name for years to come.

The sad truth is, none of these seems to last. In fact, they are either reshuffled or names are changed with budget figures increased. In 2013, the South African government adopted the Integrated Food Security Production Intervention (IFSPI) and the Strategic Integrated Project (SIP) 11 policies. The sole purpose of the IFSPI was to afford the farming community and households an opportunity to increase production of basic food and therefore increase access and availability of such to attain basic food security at household and local level.

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