July 3, 2018

In Photos: Internally Displaced People in Syria

Written by The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)

For seven years, armed conflict has consumed Syria. Some 6.1 million people were internally displaced as at the end of 2017, including 2.9 million displaced during the previous 12 months.

Young Syrians waiting in mass, clothes drying on a chain-link fence

The rate of displacement continued unabated in 2017 with an average of 6,500 people displaced per day between January and September.

Young Syrians smiling and walking, older Syrian women waiting

Between 19 June – 2 July, an estimated 270,000 people have been displaced – with some 175,000 in Quneitra governorate, at camps along the armistice line and in surrounding villages, 35,000 who have gone towards the south-west in the Tal Shihaab area, and 60,000 at the Nasib/Jaber border crossing.

Young Syrian girl and older Syrian women retrieving water from a WASH station

Access to safe water remains limited for 14.6 million men and woman, with increased water quality assurances necessary to ensure the population has continuous access to safe water.

Older Syrian women shows her identification papers, while mass of people wait around her

Hostilities continue to escalate in southern Syria resulting in civilian casualties and displacement. Up to 50,000 people have reportedly been displaced since 19 June, most from northeast Dar’a Governorate, south to other opposition-held areas. The number of internally displaced people is expected to further increase as hostilities continue.

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Photo Credit: The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)

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