June 1, 2018

IDMC’s new interactive map: Live updates of internal displacement around the world

Written by Alexandra Bilak, Director IDMC

Screenshot from map showing several data points

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre has launched a brand new version of our website which, in addition to hosting the Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID 2018), also  includes several new features. One of the most exciting updates is the interactive map on our homepage that contains near real-time information about new and ongoing situations of internal displacement.

By clicking on the coloured bubbles on the map you will get a snapshot of displacement events occurring in contexts of conflict, disaster or the construction of development projects, including the exact location, the number of people displaced, the cause of their displacement and the source of the information.

The story that this interactive map tells is that, while people are becoming displaced each day inside the borders of their own country, internal displacement is very much a global phenomenon which is happening in almost every country of the world.

Making use of new and innovative tools for monitoring more displacement events in a faster manner, we now refresh the internal displacement updates map twice a day, giving you a live snapshot of credible, verified news and information that our team of monitoring experts have gathered through our new displacement monitoring platform.

We hope you find the new version of our internal displacement updates useful!

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