September 8, 2018

I Wrote “The Truth About the 7,000.” Now What?

Written by Mark S. King

It began with a death and a lingering question. After a friend – an advocate who knew what to do to stay alive – died of an AIDS-related cause a few months ago, I was left wondering why. Together with other deaths in the news of people “unexpectedly” dying the same way, it felt like a tragic trend.

Fortunately, POZ Magazine editor Oriol Gutierrez encouraged my instincts that there might be a larger story here. I wanted to know who the 7,000 people are who die of AIDS-related causes in the USA each year, and why it happens. In the months ahead, I spoke to more people, a lot more, than I have ever interviewed for a story before. People living with HIV, doctors, case managers, care coordinators, and nurses of nearly every kind.

In “The Truth About the 7,000,” as it appears in the April/May issue of POZ Magazine, I got more answers to my simple question “why?” then I ever expected.

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