September 8, 2017

Why Were Hundreds of Tributes Deleted From @the_aids_memorial?

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“Back Online Again!” Those three words greeted visitors to the Instagram account @the_aids_memorial on Wednesday afternoon. The message arrived after much confusion, hurt and anger: During the past three weeks, hundreds of tributes on the beloved social media account had been mysteriously deleted.

Confounding the problem, the account’s founder, who goes by Stuart from Scotland, had told PinkNews earlier this week that he had been blocked from accessing it—and that Instagram was not helping to resolve the issue.

When POZ reached out to him for an update, Stuart confirmed that he was back online and able to post tributes on the photo-sharing platform. However, it’s unclear whether the underlying problem has been resolved because Instagram hasn’t provided Stuart with an explanation for why he was blocked from his own account or why hundreds of posts were deleted to begin with—only to be reinstated and deleted again.

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