November 15, 2016

Human Trials Begin for Army-Developed Zika Purified Inactivated Virus (ZPIV) Vaccine

Written by US Military HIV Research Program

This post originally appeared on the US Military HIV Program.

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) began vaccinations today in a Phase 1 human clinical trial to test the safety and immunogenicity of the Zika purified inactivated virus (ZPIV) vaccine.

Seventy-five healthy adults will be recruited to participate in the trial at WRAIR’s Clinical Trial Center in Silver Spring, Md. Given the concerns for immune enhancement with other similar flaviviruses, like yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis, ZPIV will be tested in some volunteers who will first be vaccinated against one of these other flaviviruses. This is of particular military relevance, as service members are often vaccinated against these diseases and then deployed to areas where Zika is increasingly becoming endemic.

WRAIR scientists developed the ZPIV vaccine candidate earlier this year. The inactivated flavivirus vaccine platform was the same technology the Institute used to create its Japanese encephalitis vaccine, which was licensed in 2009. An earlier preclinical study found that rhesus monkeys that were vaccinated with ZPIV developed a strong immune response and were protected against two strains of Zika virus.

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