How to make a commitment

The deadline for submission is midnight (EST) on Tuesday 8 September in order to be assessed and if accepted will be included in a special “commitment document” to be launched alongside the Global Strategy. Commitments submitted after this time cannot be guaranteed for inclusion. No submissions will be accepted after 18 September for presentation at the launch.

Please send your complete commitments adhering to the checklist in the guidelines to:

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Individual documents

Commitment Guidelines & Application Form: overview of the commitment making process, application, approval and tracking. (Download in Arabic or Spanish or French)

Global Strategy Overview: This two-page brief describes the content, background, audience and development plan of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016-2030), to be launched in September 2015 alongside the new Sustainable Development Goals. It introduces the guiding principles, targets and thematic areas and proposes action to realize the Strategy’s objectives of Survive, Thrive and Transform. (Download in Arabic or Spanish or French)

Frequently Asked Questions: Answers general questions on the Global Strategy, including the development, rationale and main pillars of the Strategy, as well as how it will be implemented. (Download in Arabic or Spanish or French)

Timeline & consultation calendar: Presents Every Woman Every Child milestones from the conception of the Millennium Development Goals to the updated Global Strategy. The second calendar, features key moments in the development of the updated Global Strategy with relevant regional events. (Download in Arabic or Spanish or French)

Sample talking points: Selected talking points about the Global Strategy and the commitment process to support your own outreach. (Download in Arabic or Spanish or French)

Social media toolkit: Includes web text, sample tweets and photo tiles.

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